Nothing ventured….

Well here I go! At last after years of thinking about it, procrastination and other stuff getting in the way here I am  doing what those young people call ‘blogging’.

I have felt that as I have become older, and despite my best efforts I am becoming more and more invisible to the world.  This is my attempt to dip my toe in the lake of  exposing my innermost thoughts and opinions to anyone who would like to read them and  I hope in some small and tiny way to help other women/men feel a little less alone in their random thoughts.

I am 51 years old, in denial at being overweight, still have all my own hair and teeth, love my dog, and have 2 teenagers..more about them to come.. I have lived with the same man for 22 years which is fairly epic in itself but I can share many anecdotes about what constitutes a life of sharing someone elses.  Having done almost every job known to Job Centre plus and having run my own tearoom for 3 years I am now in a kind of job limbo and work in a lovely coffee shop in the middle of Sheffields’ ancient Woodlands and often feel very blessed to be in such beautiful surroundings as I steam a capucinno or two.  My life has been filled with amazing moments and beautiful people and I would like to tell you about them.  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.



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